Seattle day 4 and the home of many famous brands. We spent the morning with Costco, lunch with
 Nordstrom’s and this afternoon with…. and they all have one thing in common ….
 they will not be pressured to roll out a new concept, category, channel or new move into a new market
until they are satisfied they have all the answers and it fits their business model
Nordstrom’s took over 5 years to evolve their digital strategy and integrate the resources
Costco move slowly and deliberately into new markets, trialling  limited ‘units’, proving then growing
 And Amazon use the US market to prove success in a new category before extending it to new markets
 and identifying the next opportunity
So the old adage of trialling quickly and moving to secure supremacy before the competition can react is….well dead!
Success lies with those who are determined to prove conclusively any changes before rushing in