Keynote presentations from Nordstrom, Facebook and Google followed up with a breakout with H&M …. just goes to prove that everything is bigger in America.
Jamie Nordstrom (President) directly, eloquently and with showmanship explained the extraordinary evolution, dedication and determination that Nordstroms have shown to achieve best in class in omni channel retailing for a department store… the one line take out….. you must have a single-view of customers, inventory and channel to make it work … with one integrated team.
Followed by a panel discussion led by a very experienced journalist challenging Facebook and Google on what’s important or not in the digital space … and what does the future hold …out-take – watch out as your partners [them, Amazon and Apple] are ultimately your competitors.
Then H&M detailing the most superb Case Study of how they took a fully integrated media approach to launch their David Beckham underwear range … out-take – think through all channels, set a plan and stick to it.