Day 8 in Stockholm and we are out and about studying retail with Edgar Rosenberger [the man who took H&M to Germany] and needless to say we start at the flagship H&M store in the centre of Stockholm with the head-office above us!
The retail merchandising disciplines were immaculate … so then we visited another H&M with a new fit with new VM
 and in-store navigation and signage, and it’s clear that they are making solid and innovative progress with a tried and true
… and very profitable business model [19% EBIT].
Then we travel in and out of some amazing retail concepts, combining bikes and italian food for one … and then onto
MOOD, a very interesting new shopping centre were we tour with the designer Neils Bengtssons. Now here is a truly different concept – the food and fashion are perfectly integrated and complimentary, not separated as we are prone to do.
Finally after a big day we move onto a presentation and store walk of Claus Ohlson, claiming the territory of ‘modern
hardware’ with the positioning statement, ‘making it easy to solve the small practical problems of everyday life’ – and it does!
So much of what we saw today has consumers at the heart of it … with originality and flair on display, and all with a population of 9 million people, so as Australians we can no longer claim scale as the reason why we can’t deliver!

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