Day 8 in Stockholm and imagine you’re walking down a spiral just like the Guggenheim in New York but it’s huge and there is display after display of different furniture and room themes on your left and an enormous floating floor across an atrium. Well you’d be at Ikea Kungens Kurva – the biggest Ikea in the World. The footprint has to be 45-50,000sqm … and it’s Sunday afternoon and the management of this store are expecting 25,000 shoppers today!
It’s crowded with shoppers and a full car park …. a very different retail environment to the ‘States’ where we struggled to see a busy store – here it’s glorious retail chaos!
We are being guided through the store by Edgar Rosenberger, a European retail consultant. He’s pointing out the finer and more interesting stories … like Ikea Family [loyalty program], and credit. But wait … what’s that?
A flat screen TV monitor … for sale.