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The tickets are booked, the bags are packed and an enviable list of the worlds best retailers are on the agenda as Steve Kulmar, one of Australia’s leading retail experts, begins his world retail tour.

Every year Steve has shared his insights from the World Retail Congress on the future shape of retail, key trends and retailers to watch, but this year we decided to do it a little bit differently and give you the opportunity to share the experience as he travels with daily observations, photos and commentary on the best of the best.

Find out the inside scoop on:

  1. The latest news from Shop.Org, with speakers discussing the best innovations in digital retail
  2. Private store visits and presentations from Costco, Nordstroms, Amazon, ASOS, JC Penny, Kroger, IKEA and Wholefoods to name just a few
  3. Store visits on the Stockholm high street including H&M’s flagship store and Berlin
  4. And of course, updates from the 2012 World Retail Congress with speakers of the likes of Tesco and retail trend insights from around the world

So don’t miss out on getting all the latest retail insights and trends as Steve travels around the world by saving Steve’s blog in your favorites and signing up to our social portals to keep updated with the latest post!

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