It’s day 14 and we are in Berlin for a Saturday of retail store visits …. And for those who don’t know Berlin it presents with a classic CBD high St retail story … but with a twist!

 The twist is the creative lose expression mixed up with chaos, graffiti and grunge ….in the east [or Mitte] and opulence,
seduction and efficiency of the west [or Ku’dam]
We started our day in the east and made our way to the west…only to surrender to the immersion and chaos of the east
The highlights where the VW shop with it’s engineering excellence, the Miele Store with its clever and integrated use of
touchscreen technology, the Nivea store again with clever and intimate use of technology, the Mercedes Café with its
wonderful and seamless weaving of museum with showroom and café…but the highlights were the Dussmann Bookstore
 [yes book store] spread over 4 floors of clever merchandising and VM coupled with a sense of the deep community involvement
And of course KaDeWe …the monumental department store spread over 7 floors with tens of thousands of Saturday afternoon shoppers
And amazingly not a sale, discount or big and overt price ticket in sight
All Saints, Boss orange, 14 Oz and Muji are also worth a mention for their wonderfully immersive product experiences
Berlin is a very special retail location…incredibly unique with lots of learnings