Imagine walking into a tiny little specialist retail store in the back blocks of Seattle to find the owner busily wrapping another package that must go out tonight.
In fact it’s the sixth package he’s wrapped, packed and despatched that day, and his most important country for delivery of his goods [quilts and related accessories] is …. yep you guessed right – Australia!
Then you hear the likes of Nordstrom’s and Neiman Marcus are also claiming Australia as one of their top three international markets … well now you know we have taken to offshore e-commerce like ducks to water.
Today and tomorrow we are in Dallas talking logistics and e-commerce with partners of Oracle … and to hear how well Neiman’s is doing  with their highly prestigious ’incircle club’, with an amazing conversion and average basket …. I’m certainly left wondering about the ongoing impact of offshore online sales in the Australian Market …. even when our local retailers get their act together.